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I always seek ways to help market my customized toolbars, plugins and BHO services. Thumbtack is a good way that helps me show off my expertise in toolbars, plugins, BHOs and more. Checkout my listings linked to my Thumbtack profile, and learn more about what I do pertaining to the words "toolbars, plugins, BHOs

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At Total-Toolbar, we believe that everything is possible. If you have any specific requirements like graphics, features, we can develop a customized toolbar for you. Your own toolbar makes your web site easily accessible for your visitors. To know more about Total-Toolbar features and services, please contact us -
  • Building Services, Custom Programming, Source Code, Adware Solutions, Networking Portals, Dating Portals - mail to
Toolbar Solutions

Our team of Internet professionals develops fully functional, highly interactive toolbar for entrepreneurs, companies and portals, which automatically become...

Adware Solutions

Adware usually includes code that tracks your target audience's personal information and passes it on to you, without the user's authorization or knowledge...

Portal Solutions

We also offer Networking and Dating portal development services. Our ready -to- deploy frame enables you to build your own portal in just 4 working days...


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