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TotalToolbar Product

Disk TuneUp

The Windows registry is a hierarchical database that contains all the configurations settings for the operating system and the applications that reside on it that choose to store their configuration in the registry.

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Windows Security Application

Hacked? Fear of getting hacked? Chill, it happens with everyone… It is no big deal to steal the confidential information on the World Wide Web these days It has become one of the leading white collar crimes across

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Total Toolbar

Total-Toolbar enhanced features provide toolbar services based on the page you are viewing. We are a leading toolbar monetization platform for building, deploying and managing the next-generation toolbars

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TotalToolbar Solution

Adware Solution

Adware or Advertising Support Software automatically renders advertisements to generate more revenue opportunities. This is the most popular way of marketing your products and services to wide spectrum of customers at a global

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Internet Explorer Extension Development allows additional browser functionalities or features to enhance the user’s browsing experience. The IE Developers add features to the browser and enhance the user interface

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Window Plug-in’s

Total-toolbar offers the finest toolbar and plug-in development solutions to the clients to improve their browsing experience. We have a team of experienced toolbar and plug-in developers with extensive knowledge of programming

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TotalToolbar Features

  • XML Based Dynamic Toolbar
  • API Based Toolbar
  • Custom Toolbar Development Compatible with Windows 8 and 8.1
  • Search Box
  • Drag & Drop files, Folders and URLs Shortcuts
  • Popup Blocker
  • Multiple Level Menus and Sub Menus with Icons

Windows 8 Application Development

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Total Toolbar is a leading edge toolbar development company providing a cutting platform to the global web leaders.

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