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Hello, a very warm welcome from the Team Total Toolbar!

We’re honored to have fetched your enthusiasm and interest for feature writing with the Total Toolbar, one of the most premier information technology and services company in the world. For our blog and article writing, we offer a chance to freelance writers, from newbies to long time professionals, having an amazing content.

Our content section covers a plethora of subjects like Customized App Development, Technical Business, Plugin Development, Adware Development, Mobile Applications, Windows Applications, and Toolbar Development. Our blogs and articles offer a content-rich experience to readers. We’re looking for freelance writers, guest bloggers, academics, and established authors with an exemplary technical writing skills.


We take pride in our one-of-a-kind editorial vision towards app development and technology related content. Total Toolbar dedicates itself to livid aesthetics, powerful views and comments, and editorial excellence. We seek for articles at the crossing point of latest technology, business in technology, and app development – which offers you a great opportunity to pitch in for a mind-blowing content!

Total Toolbar always welcomes writers with the knowledge in aforementioned subjects, having technical expertise, a keen interest in technical writing, and the ability to describe convoluted ideas in an effective manner. If you think you’re the one, here’s your chance to get published on a well-known platform like Total Toolbar. Our editorial board will guide you all along to help ensure your articles are perfect, attractive, and to the point.

Yet, the first phase of this procedure is for us in order to catch the wind of your technical writing skills. If you think your content is a perfect fit for Total Toolbar, great! We would be delighted to take a look at it.


We accept Feature Length Articles (800-1500 Words) that are Grammatically Sound, Non Promotional, Unique, Engaging and Appealing, and Informative.

But, before you start writing, kindly send the topic to us in order to approve, once our editorial board is good with the topic, you’re good to go! You can send your topic on – ‘jessica.alba@total-toolbar.com’.

First of all, we will provide you ONLY ONE DO FOLLOW LINK in Author-bio, that’s it.

What to Include?
  • Original Facts
  • Statistics with Source
  • Excellent Business Applications
  • Live Examples
  • Free to Use Images (Labeled for Reuse)
  • Clear and Real Arguments Inoffensive To the Product
Topics we are accepting
  • App Development (Should Not be Platform Specific e.g. ios/anroid/windows)
  • Toolbar Development
  • Latest News relating to App

An excellent approach to find out what fascinates us is to checkout our work by scrolling through our plethora of articles and blogs. The style preferred by our editorial board clearly reflects in the following articles.

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The more efficient and articulate your content is, the easier it will be for Total Toolbar’s editorial team to get back to you with intelligent remarks. Remember, your content is going to be read by leading executives, top industry influences, thought leaders and more, so write accordingly!

NOTE: Again we would like to bring this to your knowledge that we provide only one do follow link in Author-bio.

Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you!

For any queries, email us at ‘jessica.alba@total-toolbar.com


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