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tiny-short-urlA simple and short URL is much easier to remember and forms an impression in the viewer’s mind. Tiny URL, at Total-toolbar, provides the short URL services for those who deal with long URLs almost all the time. This simple redirection tool is an apt solution to your blog-sharing with lengthy links and huge business links that is difficult for users to remember.

A free tool by Total-toolbar is worth giving a try as it is meant to enhance your business by shortening the URL for you and helping your customers remember you every time. Tiny URL is a URL truncator that shortens URL, which offers challenging features like easy to remember domain, fairly short identifier, and an exclusive preview page for your shortened URL. With more than 74 million in its database and about 2 billion hits a month, you can’t really blame Tiny URL for not being able to pull off three-character identifiers. It also offers a bookmark to the shortened URL.

Enter a long URL to make tiny:

The feature worth mentioning is URL Masking; it hides your real URL in the background. At Total-toolbar users gain the best experience and therefore, what are you waiting for? Just enter your prolonged URL in the tool above and create a short URL for yourself today and yes, it’s free of cost!

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