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seo-analysisOnline SEO Analysis Tool calculates page size, composition, and download time. It includes the script that calculates the size of individual elements and sums up each type of web page component. Based on this you can optimize your web page in order to up-bring your business.

By going through each page of your website, you can ensure that each page is properly set up and driving incremental traffic to your site. Incremental traffic refers to the small amounts of traffic a page can generate by targeting long-tail keywords. Every blog post can drive incremental traffic to your site every day.

SEO Analysis Tool from Total-toolbar In simple terms, SEO Analysis Tool also termed as Site Analysis Tool does a complete Online SEO Analysis for website.

With this tool, clients or users can quickly and easily run any page URL, select filters and set limits for results to immediately receive a web page analysis through SEO online analysis for your Meta tags, header and page content, keywords, images and links. Some interesting statistics provided by Total-toolbar’s Online SEO Analysis Tool are HTTP code, load time, page size, text, anchor tags, no follows, bold tags, page headings, alt tags and both internal and external linking data.

SEO Analysis Tool is created just to analyze web pages for SEO optimization. Final Score is calculated from various parameters such as keywords used, density of keywords, back links, inbound links, and so on.

Now get your web page analyzed with our free tool and jump to the advantage of knowing the market value of website, for free!

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