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search-engine-spiderMost of us think that SEOs job is to only cleverly represent some keywords here and there to get the web page optimized. This is because we don’t get to view the page the way search engine spider does when it crawls on your web page.

A Search Engine Spider Test Tool introduced by Total-toolbar is here to show you the real picture of how search engine spiders see your web page, what they select, and what they dislike. Search Engine Spider Simulator also guides you through the words that are missing, words that are there but are not required, and how those words can be used effectively to leverage up your site.

How to run Search engine test?

Search Engine Spider Test Tool has a very simple procedure to run a search engine test. Just enter the URL in the space provided and click on “check” button, within seconds it will show you the detailed report and will guide you towards the right step for building the plan to change the bad information, if any

Our Search Engine Spider Simulator called Search Engine Spider Test Tool shows you if you have another sub domain that is connected to your site but which has very different content and keywords, or do you have links with other sites that have been blacklisted? All of these elements can have a negative effect on your listing.

Total-toolbar’s Search Engine Spider Test Tool
With Search Engine Spider Test Tool you can know exactly what your site is telling the biggest search engine and then correct any problems. The Search Engine Spider Test Tool is a great way to see how the world’s largest search engine views your site and will allow you to see any areas in which it could be improved with a comprehensive Search Engine Simulator.

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