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Internet Explorer (IE) sidebars improvise the functionality of your IE browser. With sidebars in place, you can have a shortcut to all the internet applications from your Internet Explorer itself.

Total-toolbar is an esteemed IE Sidebar developer; we believe in enhancing the flexibility of the system and extend it to its full utility. Along with its fully-functional Internet Explorer Sidebars, Total-toolbar also helps you create dynamic IE Sidebars. These dynamic IE Sidebars are usually formatted based upon a server side stimulus, where it may be a remote XML file, a script or whatever the content is. These IE Sidebars can be dynamically formatted at runtime based on the site the user is visiting. We provide our clients with a sidebar with custom buttons, menus, auto-login, search boxes and other features for easier access to their website content or their services delivery.

We tailor your IE sidebar to your environment also called as custom IE sidebar development. We try to work closely with all of our clients to convert their ideas into reality with our proficient services. Total-toolbars unique all-in-one framework offers you a simple and quick way to customize your IE sidebar within minutes.

Some interesting features of IE sidebars:
  • Skins – Personalize your IE sidebars with skins that suit your mood and personality
  • Buttons – User defined addition/deletion/modification of as many tabs as required.
  • Alerts
  • News, updates, and Feeds.
  • API Based Toolbar Operations: Options to integrate with any other products and provide dynamic display of content.
  • And much more

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