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ie-pluginThe Internet Explorer Plug-in Development enhances new features to Internet Explorer to make the browser more productive and suitable for individual or business needs. Total-toolbar provides customized IE plug-ins solutions that best suit the customer’s requirement.

Internet Explorer browser, on its own, doesn’t provide a lot of features and convenient browsing when you have to work with internet almost all the time. Internet Explorer Plug-in development adds simplicity to your browsers.

Our experience with IE Plug-ins Development facilitates us to deliver high-quality browser plug-in solutions. The customized IE Plug-in development provides custom buttons, menus, search boxes, easy access to personalized content and products and other functions that let the IE user to fulfill the complex tasks in one or two clicks. Also, IE Plug-ins caters to varied needs depending on the purposes; for instance security, reduced search time, entertainment needs and much more.

Total-toolbar helps you in developing:
  • IE browsing event handlers
  • IE menu entries
  • IE context menu entries
  • IE explorer bars
  • Scrolling Windows
  • Animated buttons
  • Search boxes
  • Auto-login

If you are looking out for Customized IE Plug-ins Development for your business purpose, contact us today at https://www.total-toolbar.com/contact or 1-631-897-7276 (USA) or send us an email at sales@total-toolbar.com.

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