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Firefox Sidebar is a sidebar control displayed on the left edge of the browser window. This area is a great place to display instant messages, suggested information etc. and also a place where the user can get an easy access to all the panels. With Firefox Sidebar the user can view the website in the sidebar and also can switch quickly between the sidebar panels. The Firefox Sidebar has many in-built features and can also be customized according to the needs of the clients..

The Firefox Sidebar allows the user to check their Gmail accounts on the sidebars, facebook updates, tabs, video player and much more. We are committed to deliver the best solution for our clients at an affordable cost.

Following are some of the features of Firefox Sidebar:
  • Open Bookmarks, History, Downloads, Add-ons, Page Info, Page Source, and Error Console in the sidebar
  • All panels are optimized for display in the sidebar
  • Place the Firefox sidebar on any side of the browser
  • Configure the behavior of the Firefox sidebar at the browser start or in full screen mode
  • Fully customizable toolbar, generally at the left side of the browser
  • Multi-Panel, amongst other features to open web pages
  • Option to Show/Hide the sidebar with a thin switch
  • Toggle the sidebar by clicking or just by mouse movement
  • Configurable shortcuts and additional buttons
  • Third-party plug-ins/add-ons support
  • Can be massively customized

So get your Firefox Sidebar customized as per your business needs from Total-toolbar. Contact us today at www.total-toolbar.com/contact or email us your requirement at sales@total-toolbar.com.

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