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Known for showing the basic details, the often ignored status bar plays a vital role while surfing or performing any task over a user’s computer. As the name suggests, status bar shows the user’s work status. What if one could see the details of download speed and bandwidth consumption right on his status bar without navigating different websites or launching applications?

Total-toolbar makes it possible. Total-toolbar delivers innovative solutions, such as customize status bar, and caters to user needs by simplifying client’s daily chores. Adept embedded status bar developers at Total-toolbar provide embedded status bar development services displaying all that an individual or enterprise wants, saving time and increasing productivity. A proficient team at Total-toolbar entrenches various intelligent BHOs for custom embedded status bar programming.

With cutting-edge technology at highly affordable prices, expert and dedicated team at Total-toolbar develops impeccable solutions customizing almost every arena. Our embedded status bar designer creates attractive and friendly User Interface designs for a pleasant look and ease of use. The embedded status bar design also allows you to receive constant notifications and updates. We have the richest set of optional features that you may want to include in your embedded status bar development.

Spanning various industries across many verticals, we have catered to several top-notch clients leveraging their business with various innovative solutions. Customers, who sought timely services and unique business solutions, found solace at Total-toolbar. Our distinguished service and contemporary framework deliver custom status bar within minutes. So, what are you waiting for? Customize your status bar today!

We proffer the following and more embedded status bars.We also proffer the combinations of the following features:
  • Internet Speed status bar
  • Download speed status bar
  • Upload Speed status bar
  • Bandwidth detecting status bar
  • SEO services status bar (Showing the page rank, Alexa rank and so on)
  • Login details bar, and much more

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