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bhoBrowser Helper Object (BHO) is a DLL module designed as a plug-in for Internet Explorer (IE). The plug-in is a program which widens the functionality of a browser. Total-toolbar has proven expertise in BHO Development technology and has delivered several BHO Development Solutions worldwide. The team of BHO developers continuously strives to provide unique and innovative Customized BHO Solutions by using the latest cutting edge tools and technologies.

Browser Helper Object is a straight forward way to customize Internet Explorer. At Total-toolbar our Browser Help Object Solutions will provide rich user experience, additional functionality not supported by browser and customized browser for its user. With proven hands-on experience on every technology our developed and tested Customized BHO solutions will prove to be a benefit for your business.

Our BHO Offerings include:
  • Advertisements based on user’s browsing habits, language and demography
  • Context menu handlers
  • Error handlers to monitor web events
  • URL redirection for errors
  • Keyword detection on web page and converting it to a clickable link

We can help you to create your Customized BHO Solutions as per your business needs or requirements at an affordable cost.

Contact us today at sales@total-toolbar.com or call us at 1-631-897-7276 or fill the contact form at Total-toolbar.com/contact to know more about our custom BHO development services and offerings.

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