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hire-toolbar-developerTotal-toolbar is a complete solution provider for the customized toolbar development services at a very affordable cost. Our Toolbar Development Services offer multiple features and functions to escalate your business to a newer height.

Would you like to develop a customized toolbar or plug-in for your browser? Hire a qualified Toolbar Developer today who has extensive knowledge about toolbar development, can deliver the best toolbar solutions and empower you with the high end products. Also, our toolbar developers are capable of developing feature rich toolbars like add-ons, plug-ins, skins, buttons, alerts, scrolling windows, search box, drag and drop options, radio controls etc.

Hiring a Toolbar Developer from Total-toolbar entitles you to following benefits:
  • Extensive experience in Toolbar and Plug-in development
  • Young pool of toolbar developers available for research and development
  • Follow widely accepted standard method of coding
  • Perform Unit Testing of module being developed
  • Product passes through various Quality Assurance Tests before being presented for client approval
  • Toolbar developer hiring from Total-toolbar maintains confidentiality of work
  • Perpetual availability for support through mail, IM and phone
  • Ownership right of the final source code is transferred to client
  • Team work implementation through Scrum methodology and Agile methodology of development
  • Maintenance and Support even after the product is developed and delivered thereby taking the full responsibility of the code written by us
  • Simple and easy to understand documentation
  • Hired toolbar developers from Total-toolbar also educates client to use Content Management System and manage their website.
  • Save tremendous amount of recruitment cost by hiring Full Time/Part Time/Contract Toolbar Programmers

Contact us today to hire our Skilled and Dedicated Toolbar Developers at 1-631-897-7276 (US) or email us at sales@total-toolbar.com or fill out contact form at www.total-toolbar.com/contact

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