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Adserver Development Services

In simple terms, ad server is a technology & a service that places advertisements on the websites. Ad service provides technology & software solutions to web owners, ad agencies & publishers to help their ads be seen on their websites. In technical terms, ad server is a web server supported by a DB (database) server that saves & stores ad content for marketing purposes online. Ad servers are bifurcated into two areas namely – Publisher ad servers and advertiser (or third party) ad servers.

Ad servers are run either locally or by remote ad servers. Ad servers which are locally managed are usually run by single/particular publisher who manages his/her own domain & controls all the creative powers & owns the content completely. They have the capacity to format/edit content on their advertisements for themselves. They are primarily the website or digital studio owners who fall under the so called as the ‘local ad server’ category.
Remote ad servers can deliver ads across multiple domains which are owned by multiple web owners & publishers. Ads are delivered through a centralized system from the (ad) server & it has the capability to track online advertisements distributed by various advertisers & publishers. It acts as a single point of contact for controlling the ads on the world wide web.

So, What does ad server do? What are its functions?
  • They have the capacity to store huge amounts of content. Fresh ads are showcased the moment they are refreshed in the server.
  • The very purpose of ad server is to deliver timely & accurate ad content to users & site visitors online.
  • They play a very important role in managing ad spaces on websites as well.
  • Ad servers also perform various tasks like counting the number of impressions/clicks for ad campaigns and generate reports for ads that are displayed.

The information & the points share above make Ad servers a very critical component in the online advertising industry which has the capacity to act as a centralized ad distribution system and at the same time act as a tool in monitoring & generating ad reports in the world wide web for publishers, web owners, digital studios & advertisers.

Total Toolbar is a leading Adserver development company offering a host of advertising solutions to publishers, web owners, advertisers & digital studios worldwide with thrust on offering quality & accurate services to them. We offer lucrative ad solutions & tools to global enterprises which focuses on enhancing social engagement & increasing ROI’s with higher & better online presence.

We help clients with the following services: –
  • Designing ad API’s
  • Managing online ads & campaigns
  • Enhancing social presence
  • Strategized ad targetting
  • Optimized ad services
  • Consumer engagement tools & metrics
  • Post click/impressions reporting & analytics on the sites.
  • Multi-device ad services through Desktops & mobiles
  • Ad performance management

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