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custom-firefoxFirefox is the trendiest and successful web browser providing user friendly environment, wide spectrum of functionalities and various security features. Besides Total-toolbar and IE toolbar applications we also develop Customized Firefox Toolbar and Browser Plug-in applications depending on the needs of our clients.

We have expertise in
  • Firefox Plug-ins Development
  • Firefox Toolbar Development
  • Firefox Sidebar Development
Firefox Plug-in Development

Plug-ins is commonly used in web browsers and easily available to users while surfing on internet. Firefox framework is based on XUL (Cross Platform User Interface Language), CSS, JavaScript and XPCOM (Cross Platform Component Object Modeling Language) making it a right choice for developing Cross Platform Support Products, Apps and Plug-ins.Firefox Plug-ins is zero dependent on operating system (OS) and can work on any of Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems. Depending on the needs of our clients we develop variety of Plug-ins which offers the user a seamless multimedia experience.

Firefox Toolbar Development

Firefox Toolbar Development have proved fruitful for Social Networking websites, Auction websites, Domain and web hosting companies because of its essential features diverting the maximum traffic and generating more revenues. By using Firefox toolbar we can display various features like new product offers, advertisements, instant messages, scheduled alerts etc.

Firefox Sidebar Development

Firefox Sidebar displayed on left side of the browser window provides easy access to all the panels. Total-toolbar Firefox Sidebar Development provides many enhancement and extension features related to sidebar.

Benefits of Firefox Toolbar and Plug-in Development at Total-toolbar
  • Social Networking: Firefox Add-ons makes sharing and bookmarking simple. You can discover interesting photos, videos, web pages and much more with all the top social networking sites like Stumble Upon, Yoono, and Digg etc.
  • Instant Communication: With the help of Mozilla Firefox Plug-ins one can send instant messages, share pages and can stay in touch with friends through social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut and My Space.
  • Alerts and Updates: Firefox Plug-in displays instant alerts like latest information on weather forecast, live scores, eBay auctions, news etc.
  • Easy Web Search: The search bar is located at the right of the address bar. The user can search the web without having to visit the website.
  • Feature rich on Entertainment Platform: Firefox framework is the best choice to develop platform independent entertainment applications which has features like upload photos, music, videos and much more. The easy-to-use control panel at your fingertips makes it simple while you work, surf, email or do research on the web.
  • Firefox Framework Integration: Firefox framework is based on XUL, CSS, JavaScript and XPCOM which are platform independent and that’s the reason Firefox framework can be integrated with any platform, any framework and with any API’s. Various other API’s, Gadgets, Widgets, Feeds and AJAX features can be integrated with Firefox. For instance Google Maps API’s, Google Calendar API’s, GTalk Messenger Gadgets, Facebook API’s, eBay Products Feeds, Weather Feeds, News Feeds, Horoscope Feeds to name a few.

If you are looking out for Custom Firefox Toolbar Development you can contact us at sales@total-toolbar.com or call us at 1-631-897-7276 or fill the contact form at Total-Total-toolbar.com/contactus

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