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Chrome Plugin Developer

crome-pluginIt is no surprise that Google Chrome is a most popular web browser and introduced by none other than Google. Extensions are basically a software program that enhances the functionalities of the Google Chrome browser. A feel arises when you think that your browser should have an extension to perform those few extra things, Total-toolbar has emerged as a winner and therefore is the right choice for you.

Our experienced Extension developers can develop Custom Google Chrome Extensions based on our client needs. At Total-toolbar we believe in providing right mix of innovative and unique solutions by using today’s cutting edge tools and technologies. As Google Chrome has gained a worldwide popularity of a most effective browser with variety of features, Google Chrome Extension Development will empower the user a new way of surfing the browser in an unlimited direction.

Total-toolbar is ranked as the best Google Chrome Extension Development Company providing Customized Google Chrome Extension Development and Toolbar Development Solutions.

Benefits of Google Chrome Extension Development from Total-toolbar:
  • Efficiency: Our team of skilled resources delivers effective solutions that quickly integrates with your system allowing you to get started immediately
  • Fast Delivery: By using the feature rich Add-on Framework we shorten the development time
  • Improved Compatibility: The Framework supports all the major browsers and also it will support the future versions of the browsers.
Our Google Chrome Extension Development Services include:
  • Custom Google Chrome Extension Development
  • Porting existing browser add-ons to Google Chrome Plug-ins
  • Development of Themes and Chrome Toolbars
  • Dedicated Chrome Plug-in Development

Contact us today at sales@total-toolbar.com or call us at 1-631-897-7276 or fill the contact form at Total-toolbar.com/contact to know more about our Customized Google Chrome Extension Development Services and Offerings.

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