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Case Study

Best system cleaning software

Client Requirement The basic requirement of the client was to get software that helps cleaning the entire system in order to enhance its performance so that it can run efficiently. The specific requirements of the client were: The software should:...
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Anti-Key Logging & Real-time Encrypting Software

Client Requirement Hacking techniques advanced as the technology progressed. Today, malwares silently absorb information through illicit key logging practices. In order to safeguard user applications and computers from the malicious act of information theft through recording key -pressed information, client...
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Cross platform Mobile Application for Corporate World

Client Requirement This is a Mobile application created to run on both iOS (iphone / iPad) and Android (SmartPhones / Tablets)-based operating systems. This application can be used for multiple purposes including corporate meetings and e-learning. Client wanted to launch...
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Tablet Based Time Management System

Client RequirementA Liquid Waste is a company that provides drilling and completion (D&C) tanker services to a number of drilling companies in the Surat Basin region. Typically this involves locating a prime mover (truck) and an operator with possibly other...
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SAP@Gitex Web and Mobile App

Client RequirementSAP@Gitex builds event apps your attendees will want to use. We came up with an event promotion app and web application delivering the best web and mobile event experience for the end user. This event promotion app will let...
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Search Engine plus Toolbar Offering Goodies

Client RequirementWith search engines contributing enormously to the profitability of IT industry, the client wanted to introduce a concept of search engine with a chance to win prizes. This project was divided into two sections: Web and Toolbar. Currently, no...
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Toolbar Development for Enabling Maximum Searches

Client RequirementThe client required a multi-platform(Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Chrome) Plug-in / Add-on / Extension specifically designed for the users who want their search refined with minimal clicks& with search protection feature.This application offers variety of services along with...
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Toolbar Development for Donation

Client RequirementClient required a toolbar to serve multiple purposes for which this toolbar was developed. This application offers variety of services along with serving its main purpose of deducting some amount for charity from user’s account with user’s permission and...
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Browser Activity Tracker

Client Requirement Client needed a toolbar that tracks an overall browser activity of the user. It is basically a plug-in developed for Internet Explorer and Firefox browser. This toolbar is developed with the intention of enhancing user’s browsing experience and...
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